Training updates… 9 Sept 11

09 Sep

Here we are… A little bit of updating on where we’ve been this week. Physical therapy is going well- we are getting close to moving to one day a week as I progress toward discharge. The shoulder is still an issue, especially now that I am running longer runs. It seems that holding my arm at that angle puts additional stress on the biceps tendinitis I have… Eh, whatever. Small price to pay!

Training runs have been going well this week. I am running for time as I build my cardio back. My allergist says that the deconditioning my body has experienced by NOT running is reversible – as I already knew – but is the hardest part of going back into a training regimen. Also, it is what causes people to stop training due to frustration. I am taking it slow. Yes, I said that. I am taking it slow. I know that is a hard concept for those of you that know me… Now, pick yourself off the floor… I’m not done yet! 😉

So, moving forward. I have been documenting the runs and using the iPhone app from Nike that tracks your route, timing and conditions of the run. All of that data is being uploaded to the Nike+ site in the event I forget to document my runs… yes, that happens!

Thank you all for the comments online through Facebook, Twitter and face-to-face. I am writing the blog for accountability and to document to everyone my progression from rehab to finish line.

From the recharge station at ATL, I’m signing off.

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