Planning > Convenience… a rant

01 Jul

So we were eating lunch at Panera today and I noticed a sign on the door that read:

Independence Day
This cafe will be open from 6 am to 6 pm

Yep… that’s right.  Panera is joining Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Sears and of course, JC Penney (they are still trying to recover from their Reverse-Pricing gimmick). 

Where in the world did holidays and celebrating the BIRTH OF OUR COUNTRY go?  Sort of funny that us cutting the umbilical cord from the King of England has fallen by the wayside of sales and merchandise!

Anyhow… ranting aside.  What happened to ‘planning’?  Yes, I put the air quotes in since you can’t actually see me making the “air quotes” through this blog.  At one time you had to actually plan prior to a holiday because the store would be CLOSED!  Buy your food for 4th of July parties, buy your clothes for school, buy your 52″ flat screen… all so we, as a country, could enjoy whatever holiday is in front of us.

Because, of course, you don’t break away from the King, birth a Messiah, rise from the tomb or celebrate dead presidents everyday!  

When did buying a flat screen TV for 20% off take precedence over these MAJOR events?!?

Convenience stores were started for that – convenience.  You stop in for a loaf of bread, gallon of milk, case of beer or pack of condoms – and you get to skip the big store searching and checkout lines.  This DOES NOT equate to commerce taking a first-place seat to major events of history.

For the record… we went to the grocery store today (Sunday) and will be hanging out by the pool on the 4th as we reflect on our freedom.

And no, freedom is not convenience taking the place of planning.  Or 20% off.

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