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The first 30 days… Isagenix

Today is June 5, 2013… thirty days down and the rest of my life to go!

A few months back my wife and I were talking about hitting the reset button.  We had dropped to a level where we were not functioning up to our best and needed to flip the switch and start over.  We both work out at Performance QSA in Greenville, South Carolina but we also made excuses for poor diet and not going to the gym as we should.  So, we tried a lackluster “cleanse” from a company in Texas… it didn’t work.  Nothing changed.  We may have lost 8 pounds collectively.  Weight loss was not what we needed – we literally needed a change of lifestyle.

A friend introduced us to Isagenix and the rest is history… I just finished the first thirty days and my life has changed.  I am down 16 pounds and around 5% body fat which, on the surface, is success in and of itself.  However, again, that is not my goal… my goal was to get the junk out of my body.  I was a habitual (yes, habitual) Diet Coke drinker and when I had coffee it was loaded with sucralose (Splenda)… those are two synthetics I know of.  I am sure there were many more in the food we ate.

Now I am drinking purified water from a PUR filter on our faucet at home or bottled water when I am out traveling.  I’m not getting into the “it’s all tap water” argument… this is my choice and the Isagenix suggested routine.  I haven’t had coffee, tea, soft drinks or alcohol for these thirty days and I do not miss any of it.  Am I restricted from any of those?  No.  It is a choice I have made as an investment to my body.

I am 41 years old and I have an 8 year-old son.  That is my motivation to changing the lifestyle and dropping the excuses.  My family is the most important aspect of my life which is why my wife and I are both using Isagenix now… she sees the benefit of the program and has seen physical and mental results as well.  We are now cleaning our blood and allowing our body to run as it was intended.  That is Isagenix.

Is it easy?  No way.  But nothing easy is worth doing.  The hardest part was the lifestyle change… seeing the soft drinks and making a conscious decision to avoid.  Seeing McDonalds but deciding on a shake instead.  Traveling in the Delta Sky Club and choosing still water and not choosing a seat at the bar.  You HAVE to make the mental decision to change by taking it one step at a time!

Today I have more energy and strength than I ever had.  My body is running on all cylinders instead of trying to function with junk flowing in the fuel.

If you’re interested and want more information, send in a comment.

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Make it happen!


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What can really wait?

You sit there needing to do something. But you say, “it can wait.”

Think about it… what can really wait? What can you put off that will not affect your time, your energy or your calendar when it REALLY comes due?

Is it really worth putting off?

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Basketball Diary

So, I am not a big basketball fan. Even though I have semi-height (6’3″), I never really got into the game. For reference, I’m taking these notes and writing the skeletal blog while I watch the Spartanburg Methodist College (SMC) men’s basketball team continue their streak as the only undefeated men’s team in the US.

SMC plays in the NJCCA – National Junior College Athletics Association, so some of these guys may be gearing up for D1 ball in the near future. Typically, a Junior College is a two-year program allowing college age men and women the chance to prepare before matriculating to a full four-year program.

The reason I am writing and watching is because I am picking up some of the intricacies of the game… I am standing above the small arena on the raised platform around the court. Standing over the SMC goal, I am seeing parts of the game I have never seen from the seats on either side.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post referencing Eric Thomas’ speech to a basketball team he was “coaching” (through motivation, not with whistle in hand). He spoke about how players put forth more effort and focus during the time they had the ball in hand compared to the pre-game preparation and practices. After seeing the game from this perspective, I can see where the “priors” lead to success.

College basketball lasts two 20-minute periods… those forty minutes are the end result of many weeks and months of practice and preparation with the player’s current team. This doesn’t take into consideration ANY of the little league, high school and travel ball these guys may get BEFORE signing with a college.

Days, weeks, months and years of preparation to be a part of a team. And, at this level, it is a work-in-progress for the select few hustlers that make it to Division 1 college ball, the NBA or one of the foreign leagues. Some are content with the success of gaining a college education – very, very few move onto the next level.

Halftime score: SMC 35 Cape Fear 24

On the court, the preparation takes center stage as plays are run, shots are taken and points are scored. It is almost a ballet for SMU as they seem to have a fluidity the Cape Fear team does not possess. The ball handler uses hand signals to direct other players into position… two or three positions ahead to make the shot count – or to set up someone to catch the rebound if the shot misses the target. Again, I have never seen the game from this perspective, so it is a refreshing take on the game.

So, mirror success… how much are you really accomplishing by only focusing when you have the ball in hand? Many people who work 9 to 5 jobs seem to clock out, figuratively, well before they literally clock out at 5:00 pm. There is no prep time at home, no reason to prepare for anything the next day… it’s all rote and mechanical. Even if you work for yourself – you cannot full utilize your strengths by only concentrating energy at your desk, or meeting with clients or arguing a case in the courtroom.

An entrepreneur is said to work 80 hours a week so he doesn’t have to work 40 hours a week… In the entrepreneurs mind, holding the actual ball and running plays is a very small amount of the work day. The other time is the off-court practice that goes in to make sure he has the chance to actually ever TOUCH the ball! This behind-the-scenes work is hardly ever seen by the client, the customer or the competitor. But, when put in motion, it gives you a sense of structure and a sense of stability when you do face the other person or situation.

Make it happen! No one can do it for you…

Back to the game… SMC won the game by 20+ points. One reason is they played together as a team more effectively than the opposing team. The coach put them through practices, mental and physical drills and conditioning to make sure they could perform for the 40 minutes when they actually had the ball in their hand.

Side note: this win gave SMC an automatic berth into the NJCCA tournament. It shows where prior preparation prevents poor performance (the 5 Ps of Success).

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Singleness of Purpose for Success

Success demands singleness of purpose – Vince Lombardi

Those five words mean so much when applied.

Think of the definition of singleness:  the quality of concentrating on one central objective (ie. “his singleness of purpose”).  This is energy concentrated toward one point… like a laser slicing right through all of the barriers to the eventual goal.  The key word is concentrated… one goal, one objective or one path to success.

Another way to view this is shotgun versus rifle.

A shotgun is just that, a gun that releases shot – or tiny pellets – instead of one bullet.  The target is covered with shot when the gun is fired… if you are aiming at the bullseye in the center, you hit it – and the inner rings, the outer rings and probably everything around the intended target.

A rifle, on the other hand, releases a bullet – one shot – directed at ONE point on a target.  If you aim correctly and have the rifle sighted in, you hit the bullseye.

The point (all puns intended) of all three of the examples is you have to know what you want… and rifle in on it. Set goals, draw a map, make a “line” to follow – whatever you have to do – focus right in on the target and let nothing stop you!

Aim at nothing and you’ll hit it every time – Zig Ziglar

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Before getting the ball in your hand

I’m researching some information for upcoming blog posts and have Eric Thomas (@ericthomasbtc) on iTunes.   This man is total motivation – he even released a mix of several of his best speeches for FREE… check him out.  Enough said.

So I am researching for the blog post and his speech hits a point that makes me stop in my tracks… it goes like this:  the only time you work hard is when you get the ball in your hand… you won’t be great until you do more without the ball in your hand than when it’s in your hand.

It goes right back to the Five Ps of Business – Prior Preparation Prevents Pisspoor Performance… or one of my favorite quotes, Chance favors the prepared mind (Louis Pasteur).

I love it when I go into a client meeting and I know a few facts about the client or the project they want me to work on.  It shows the client I really want to be involved in the project, not just trying to collect a paycheck.  The same applies to a phone call with a client… I am prepared.  If a new client calls, I am on the computer and researching as the client explains the project.  It allows me to ask INFORMED questions and not sound like just another auctioneer/asset appraiser.

Sometimes these are not possible… someone asks for your elevator speech, someone asks about how you would handle a project or even projects you have worked with.  STUDY YOUR BUSINESS!  Know what you can do, have done and are prepared to do.

This will give you a step up on the competition… much like hard-work practicing before you have to take the winning shot with 3 seconds on the game clock.

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It all starts with accountability…

Recently I noted that I was going to start blogging more often in 2013.  Well, here is the first one of the new year… ON the first day of the new year!  As the Old Milwaukee commercials say, “it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Sure, I can say I blogged today.  But who is to say that I will live up to my statement and post at least one blog every week?  Me.  Not you… or you… or that guy reading over your shoulder.  ME.  There is no I in this team, but there is a ME…

I’m human.  Ergo, I need reminders for a few weeks in order for this to be established as a habit.  So, my assistant Siri and I set up reminders every Sunday for the next 30 weeks.  Yes, 30 WEEKS!  I’m not saying I need that long for the habit to be cemented in my routine, but I am not giving myself ANY leeway as I start out on this challenge.

You set resolutions, I set accountability reminders.  This is my year.  It will happen.

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Loving Monday – it can be done!

My Twitter thought of the day went something like this:  Working for the man = loving Fridays. Being the man = loving Mondays. Entrepreneurs will understand.

Many people have their weeks skewed out of proportion.  Why?  Mainly because they spend four or five days planning for Friday night through Sunday afternoon.  Think about what could get done if we all took the two days of the weekend to plan for the five days of work (and possible income, helping others, expanding yourself)  that are available to us?

Just a thought… carry on.

“Prior preparation prevents pisspoor performance”

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Success… how bad do you want it?

Yes – I’ve done a lot of things in my life, but I have yet to ACHIEVE success.  Am I setting bar too high?  Am I continuing to put it out of reach?  I’m not sure… I just have not ‘made it’ yet.  I wrote a blog post on being comfortable a while back – that is one of my biggest fears – being comfortable.

Isn’t that what life is about? Finding comfort?  Eh, I don’t think so… those that get comfortable get overtaken by someone that has an extra ounce of drive, an extra boost of strength or an extra success goal dangling in front of them.

I stumbled across Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas from a video on the Spartan Race website.  This guy ranks up there with Larry Winget for telling it like it is… Here is a little taste of his wisdom:

There are several parts… you can scan through the listing at the end to find them.  I can’t hand you success!

Follow me on Twitter @scbidcaller and post something about success… make sure to use the hashtag #successneversleeps

Enjoy your kick butt day!


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It’s a beautiful day…

It’s a beautiful day, we are all living in the land of opportunity… YOU have the opportunity to make your own choices and are only held back by YOU. Sometimes we get in our own way with decision-making and are afraid to admit it. We are our own roadblocks to those goals we desire to achieve… do something out of character today and see how good it feels. Make your jokes and remarks as you please, but I guarantee you that small change will start to chip away at roadblocks you have built for yourself.

A few books to look into:

Stop Saying You’re Fine – by Mel Robbins… she tells it like it is!  She also has a blog and a radio show where she helps people get what they want.  Her book is the ‘No BS guide to getting what you want’ and she proves it.

Shut up, Stop Whining & Get a Life – by Larry Winget… the Pitbull of Personal Development.  Get ready to not only have your toes stepped on – prepare to have them crushed.  The title doesn’t lie.  Larry also is featured on upteen news programs, has a blog and a long list of books to his credit.

Again… I could read these books to you, tuck you into bed, pat you on the head and tell you it’s all going to be okay.  Sorry, not gonna happen.  NOTHING is going to happen until you make it happen.

Try this… The Butterfly Effect (scientific version) or The Butterfly Effect (easier-to-understand version)- little changes can go a long way.

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Triskaidekaphobia… embrace it

Fight the masses – go against the grain – take the road not taken!

It’s Friday the 13th… and when you see that – like many others – you stop and go, “oh wow, it IS Friday the 13th!”.  Usually this is halfway through the day when you realize it – you know, when nothing has happened that could be attributed to the day or the fear attached to it.

Triskaidekaphobia is a fairly new word, in the grand scheme of time.  Now we have buildings without the 13th floor (how is this really possible?) and complete avoidance of the number.  Almost as dumb as not walking under a ladder or seven years of bad luck for breaking a mirror… come on people!  That’s as bad as Hallmark inventing holidays to sell greeting cards.

I have chosen to embrace it… which, I am sure, surprises those that truly know my personality!

I’ve had a lot go wrong in my life, but none of it attached to the number 13.  The number is now regarded as my favorite number and, for some reason, I even have a 13 written on the notepad on my desk right now.  Weird how the number pops up.  My son even carried it over into his baseball – he chose 13 as his jersey number this year (and had an awesome season, I might add).

So – if something happens to me today – remember this blog post!  I’ll be hanging out with Taylor Swift writing the number all over our hands with eyeliner (for her) and Sharpie markers (for me)!

I leave you with this… be yourself, embrace the day and enjoy freaking people out with your love of 13!

PS – TS was born December 13th – which was a Wednesday.  (I looked)  She DID turn 13 on Friday the 13th…

End note:  This is a tongue-in-cheek post and I am in no way poking fun at those with recognized mental illnesses or difficulties being treated by a MEDICAL doctor.  However, the others cowering in a corner just for attention are on their own!

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