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Success… how bad do you want it?

Yes – I’ve done a lot of things in my life, but I have yet to ACHIEVE success.  Am I setting bar too high?  Am I continuing to put it out of reach?  I’m not sure… I just have not ‘made it’ yet.  I wrote a blog post on being comfortable a while back – that is one of my biggest fears – being comfortable.

Isn’t that what life is about? Finding comfort?  Eh, I don’t think so… those that get comfortable get overtaken by someone that has an extra ounce of drive, an extra boost of strength or an extra success goal dangling in front of them.

I stumbled across Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas from a video on the Spartan Race website.  This guy ranks up there with Larry Winget for telling it like it is… Here is a little taste of his wisdom:

There are several parts… you can scan through the listing at the end to find them.  I can’t hand you success!

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Enjoy your kick butt day!


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It’s a beautiful day…

It’s a beautiful day, we are all living in the land of opportunity… YOU have the opportunity to make your own choices and are only held back by YOU. Sometimes we get in our own way with decision-making and are afraid to admit it. We are our own roadblocks to those goals we desire to achieve… do something out of character today and see how good it feels. Make your jokes and remarks as you please, but I guarantee you that small change will start to chip away at roadblocks you have built for yourself.

A few books to look into:

Stop Saying You’re Fine – by Mel Robbins… she tells it like it is!  She also has a blog and a radio show where she helps people get what they want.  Her book is the ‘No BS guide to getting what you want’ and she proves it.

Shut up, Stop Whining & Get a Life – by Larry Winget… the Pitbull of Personal Development.  Get ready to not only have your toes stepped on – prepare to have them crushed.  The title doesn’t lie.  Larry also is featured on upteen news programs, has a blog and a long list of books to his credit.

Again… I could read these books to you, tuck you into bed, pat you on the head and tell you it’s all going to be okay.  Sorry, not gonna happen.  NOTHING is going to happen until you make it happen.

Try this… The Butterfly Effect (scientific version) or The Butterfly Effect (easier-to-understand version)- little changes can go a long way.

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Celebrate… all the time!

If you have not read Larry Winget’s books, stand back… WAY back! He is the Pitbull of Personal Development for a reason – he doesn’t hold back. He tells it like it is and steps on all 10 of your toes, your neighbor’s toes and the ones of those residing down the street! I have read several of his books and find them pointing information directly in my face with a straight-as-an-arrow index finger.

Recently he posted his 10 ANTI-resolutions on his blog. You can find them here. Again, be ready for what he offers… because he does not offer apologies. He tells it like it is and speaks volumes of information the normal person would not even broach.

#10 on his list is one of my favorites. It reads, “Celebrate. Not just at the end, but all along the way.”

This is key for ANYTHING you do – it eliminates boredom, it eliminates the same ole, same ole feeling you get when working to achieve your goals and it gives you REWARDS! Now, you have to think about the rewards you are giving yourself – don’t let a whole chocolate cake ruin the diet you have been on for months. Don’t let a vacation take you off your exercise schedule. Don’t spend $250 on a meal and put it on the credit card you have been working to pay off!

Rewarding yourself can be a pat on the back, a thank you prayer to God or even a quick shopping spree. However, rewards MUST be in moderation! You don’t want a reward to set you back from your goal.

Celebration doesn’t just fit with goals – you can celebrate not going ballistic on the boss because he is a moron. You can celebrate getting out of the bed after a hard workout or just getting up in the morning.

Whatever you do… find something to celebrate and smile! If nothing else, people wonder what you are up to!

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