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The weekend before vacation

Mr Work, whoever and wherever you are, I appreciate you making yourself known right before I take a vacation.  My vacation is already shortened due to my second nephew getting married at the end of the week… now this!

The four auctions I have this weekend benefit ultraworthy causes… a church, JDRF and children’s programs in South Carolina, so I am not wholly complaining.  It’s just a pain in my butt that you decide to stack all of this right before I head out of town.

And to top it off – I drive to Charleston on Friday, then back home on Saturday to conduct auctions before driving BACK to Charleston for the vacay on Sunday…

Mr Work, you are an evil man.  I will forget all about you next week.  Promise.

Love you, mean it,

PS – I am glad to have you and know you even though I hate you from time to time!

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