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Comfort Zone? HA… CrossFit here I come!

Ok, last year I vowed to complete the Spartan Race Trifecta… this entailed running a Sprint, Super and Beast all within the 12 month window of opportunity.  Well… I did it, starting with the 2012 Spartan Beast (all 13+ miles of it in South Carolina), followed by the Georgia Spartan Sprint (3+ miles) and ending with the Super Spartan at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia.

This year I am stepping WAY out of the comfort zone and heading for the CrossFit Open beginning in February… it is going to take a LOT of work and a lot of dedication to make up for some of the exercises I have not completed yet.  You know, double unders, muscle ups and many pull-ups.

This is my goal this year… for a glimpse of the 2013 Open workouts click here.  Here’s the deal – we don’t know what is coming!  Just like the Spartan Race courses, there is no roadmap.  You get the workout at 5:00 pm PST on Thursday and you have until Monday at 5:00 PST to complete it to your liking (oh yeah, and videotape it!).

Oh the fun I get myself into!  You can’t stand on the sidelines and Monday morning quarterback everything… 

“Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the cornfield.”  Dwight D Eisenhower




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Training updates… Yep, I’m still here!

Whew… What a whirlwind of travel, training and getting lost in the world! Yes, I am still here and on the same countdown to 40 – I just have not had a chance to sit down and type a new post. Actually, I am 50 minutes from starting a tool and equipment auction (Meares Auctions) so, like my running, I am picking up the pace!

Since the last update I have received some awesome news… Steadman Hawkins has released me from shoulder therapy! I still have to be careful with exercises on the outside of my body – meaning, for the next four to six weeks I have to workout with my hands in front of me. Sort of goofy, I know, but it is the final process in eliminating the biceps tendinitis I was experiencing.

So, why is that integral to marathon training? Well, here it is… think about walking and moving your arms in a normal manner – now, do that faster… and for 26.2 miles. Upper body strength is key when you get upward with longer runs. Sure, some of this comes with adding mileage. However, I want to be fully prepared.

In addition, I have joined Team QSA and have been training with the groups for the past two weeks. The classes have a small student to trainer ratio, which gives more one-on-one time to perfect the exercises. I highly recommend this concept if you are like me and need a little more motivation!

Until next time I am still,
The Pirate looking at 40

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