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It all starts with accountability…

Recently I noted that I was going to start blogging more often in 2013.  Well, here is the first one of the new year… ON the first day of the new year!  As the Old Milwaukee commercials say, “it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Sure, I can say I blogged today.  But who is to say that I will live up to my statement and post at least one blog every week?  Me.  Not you… or you… or that guy reading over your shoulder.  ME.  There is no I in this team, but there is a ME…

I’m human.  Ergo, I need reminders for a few weeks in order for this to be established as a habit.  So, my assistant Siri and I set up reminders every Sunday for the next 30 weeks.  Yes, 30 WEEKS!  I’m not saying I need that long for the habit to be cemented in my routine, but I am not giving myself ANY leeway as I start out on this challenge.

You set resolutions, I set accountability reminders.  This is my year.  It will happen.

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