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The first 30 days… Isagenix

Today is June 5, 2013… thirty days down and the rest of my life to go!

A few months back my wife and I were talking about hitting the reset button.  We had dropped to a level where we were not functioning up to our best and needed to flip the switch and start over.  We both work out at Performance QSA in Greenville, South Carolina but we also made excuses for poor diet and not going to the gym as we should.  So, we tried a lackluster “cleanse” from a company in Texas… it didn’t work.  Nothing changed.  We may have lost 8 pounds collectively.  Weight loss was not what we needed – we literally needed a change of lifestyle.

A friend introduced us to Isagenix and the rest is history… I just finished the first thirty days and my life has changed.  I am down 16 pounds and around 5% body fat which, on the surface, is success in and of itself.  However, again, that is not my goal… my goal was to get the junk out of my body.  I was a habitual (yes, habitual) Diet Coke drinker and when I had coffee it was loaded with sucralose (Splenda)… those are two synthetics I know of.  I am sure there were many more in the food we ate.

Now I am drinking purified water from a PUR filter on our faucet at home or bottled water when I am out traveling.  I’m not getting into the “it’s all tap water” argument… this is my choice and the Isagenix suggested routine.  I haven’t had coffee, tea, soft drinks or alcohol for these thirty days and I do not miss any of it.  Am I restricted from any of those?  No.  It is a choice I have made as an investment to my body.

I am 41 years old and I have an 8 year-old son.  That is my motivation to changing the lifestyle and dropping the excuses.  My family is the most important aspect of my life which is why my wife and I are both using Isagenix now… she sees the benefit of the program and has seen physical and mental results as well.  We are now cleaning our blood and allowing our body to run as it was intended.  That is Isagenix.

Is it easy?  No way.  But nothing easy is worth doing.  The hardest part was the lifestyle change… seeing the soft drinks and making a conscious decision to avoid.  Seeing McDonalds but deciding on a shake instead.  Traveling in the Delta Sky Club and choosing still water and not choosing a seat at the bar.  You HAVE to make the mental decision to change by taking it one step at a time!

Today I have more energy and strength than I ever had.  My body is running on all cylinders instead of trying to function with junk flowing in the fuel.

If you’re interested and want more information, send in a comment.

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Make it happen!


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