Boston is WAY too close to home!

16 Apr

As a runner, I was stopped in my tracks today when I heard about the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  I’m not here to speculate on who did it or what the reasoning (or lack of) was.  I am deeply saddened for those injured in the race and on the sidelines.

In the past five weeks I have run two races – including one of the largest 10k races in the US.  The Cooper River Bridge run is one of – if not the – largest 10k race with 45,000 runners taking part.  Prior to the start of that race a lady was talking to her friend and said out loud, “we are a perfect target in this chute.”  Of course, in today’s terror-laden world, we always think about what could be next… a race wasn’t one of THOSE targets.  Until today.

I don’t care what you try to legislate… guns, ammunition, soft drinks, cigarettes or whatever.  You will NEVER legislate or regulate evil.  I am not preaching here – that is not my occupation.  All I can tell you is to do right by people and make sure you can go to bed with a clear conscious every night, whether that is through prayer or good deeds.

Good CAN prevail.  Thank someone, hug someone, tell someone you love them.  This can be the biggest buddy system in the world… and you know it – no one is bigger than the buddy system!  Watch each other’s backs and stand in the gap for those that need it.

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